Pastels & Lace

Pastels & lace: two trends fort his summer you just can’t go without. On the runway, we saw romantic lace by Louis Vuitton and John Galliano. But obviously you can also go for a tougher lace look. The other big trend for coming season are the pretty pastels. We could see an explosion of candycane colours at Prada, Givenchy and Chloe, from lila to the musthave colour this season: mint.

Don’t think those work on curved fashionista’s? Sure they do! Here are some tips and tricks and the most important curved messages:
1. Stay true to your own style. I started out with black lace, and now there’s slowly starting to trickle in some pastels in my wardrobe. It’s important to be subtle. I often combine pastels with black. Be careful that you don’t go overboard with the lace, so you won’t end up looking like you’re wearing a christening gown or the other extreme: a gothic girl.
2. When you’re combining different pastels, it’s important that the clothing item suits your body. Is it too wide, then it will look too wide and too big. Hi there, giant sorbet! For lace it’s important that it doesn’t restrict your body too much. Try going for a romantic lace look, à la Louis Vuitton.

1. Small lace details
2. Picking a garment that suits your bodytype
3. Staying true to your own style
4. Lace, in a romantic and sophisticated way

1. lace from head to toe
2. clothing that is too tight
3. following the trend and forgetting about your own style
4. showing too much skin when wearing lace: it looks cheap.

It’s often said that you can’t wear pastels when you’re blonde and have a pale skin. Nonsense! Even spring- and fall types can wear pastels. Pastels can be both cool and warm. The musthave colour this season is: mint green. Tip! Wear a brightcoloured lipsticked to avoid a bland look; you will be able to pull off so much more.

‘Problem Areas’
1. Large chest: watch out for too much cleavage when wearing lace.
2. Bigger (upper)arms: if you wear a top or jacket in a pastel tone, it’s important that it’s not too tight, because that will make your arms look bigger.
3. Tummy: to hide your tummy, it’s best to wear a dress that goes out from the waist. If you want to wear a top, make sure it’s long enough and also goes out a bit. Look out with tops that are too wide around the tummy area and have an elasticated waistband at the hips. These tops accentuate your tummy!
4. Wider hips: the secret is layering. Not too tight around the hips. A jacket or cardigan that scoops over the widest part is slimming. Or wear a top tucked in a skirt. If you have wider hips, it’s also important that the skirt goes out a bit. A dress is the ultimate solution if you want to completely hide your expanding hips.

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