14. Real inbetweenie: Esmee de Klerck


  • hey you!

    i have a question – can you maybe do a category with girls and their weight and height or bmi?

    i have serious problems to see what i’m looking like and i think maybe more inbetweenis have this. i have a bmi of 28 and my weight is 85 kg with a size of 173 cm. i honestly don’t know how i look. as stupid this may sound – i see girls in ur blog and constantly ask myself “am i bigger, am i smaller, i don”t know”

    i kinda think i do look okay, but that”s kinda impossible with my weight…

    i fit in clother size 40-42, jeanssize 32. but i have the feeling the clothes r just really big. i know that my weight means I’m fat but i think sometimes i look still okay. so I’d love to see other girls that r about my bmi or weight.

    sorry for that long text, I’m just kinda desperate cause my weight constantly worries me and i feel bad for feeling okay.

    greeting from germany! ur great!!!


    • hi Ronja, thanx for your reaction! Unfortunately I don’t have their weight or their BMI. I think that’s not important. I think looking good has nothing to do with weight or BMI. With these ‘real inbetweenies’ I want to show everybody in these size are gorgeous! And so are you: a size 40-42, a beautiful inbetweenie!

    • Hi Sonja,

      that’s me on the picture. i’m 1.85 and 90kg. i don’t know what my bmi is, but i don’t think it’s important anyway. When you’re exercizing, eat healthy and you’re feeling good then it’s okay. When you’re not feeling good about yourself, maybe you should work out a little more or do something different that makes you feel good about yourself. i hope that i helped you with by givinh my measurements, and i’m proud to be an ‘inbetweenie’. Good luck!!

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