About me

My name is Edith Dohmen, I was born in Limburg, the south of the Netherlands. As a very young child (4 or 5 years old) my dream was to become a fashion designer. I always created the most wonderful dresses and outfits for my Barbie dolls and drew my own designs for clothes.

It wasn’t a surprise to dream about being a fashion designer; my mother was a designer herself and she was also a teacher at her own Fashion School. But after High School, I chose to study architecture, in a Technical School. Architecture is an occupation I still admire. But I was so happy I could switch after 6 weeks in to Academic for Arts. At the Technical School I missed being creative.

Drawing was my passion for life. At this Academic, I did Graphic Design. In my last year I did a traineeship at ‘Nouveau’, a Dutch Glossy magazine in Hoofddorp. I always knew I wanted to work for a magazine.  After my graduation I decided to move from Limburg to the Randstad, the area around the largest cities in the west. I got a job straight away as a graphic designer for ‘Yes’, a weekly magazine for young girls and I had a GREAT time!

After working at this magazine for 2 years, I decided to quit the job and started a traineeship as a fashion stylist for glossy magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’ and weekly magazine ‘Viva’. This was the best thing I have ever done: making this career switch. From 2003 till now I have worked as a freelance fashion stylist and graphic designer. And maybe, some day… a young girls dream will come true? I will become a fashion designer?

May 2011 was the start of my blog ‘Style has no Size’. I knew I had to do this as a ‘shout out to the world’. I have always been a ‘bigger’ girl. I always wanted to present myself as a fashion girl, even if it was hard to find great fashionable things in my size. I knew how to dress myself and where to find the fashionable items. With my blog I aim to show YOU how to get dressed in your size. How to look great and be proud of yourself.

Accept your size and your body. And the most important thing: dare to be noticed, because you’re worth it!. My opinion is that looking good and being stylish has NOTHING to do with a size, just remember that!

Today you can find me styling for magazines, brands and personal clients, doing presentations and giving trainings for the company EdithDohmen

I hope you will enjoy my articles on SHNS. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know! Email me at edith@stylehasnosize.com. Follow me on twitter.com/StyleHasNOsize.

X Edith