10 types of people during NYC fashion week!

I really had to laugh when I read this article on NY mag.com. NY Fashionweek is going on right now and it’s all about the clothes on the runway. But what’s even better, is watching people who are visiting the shows. I definitely recognize all the ‘types’! And I think it’s hilarious!!! Illustrator Peter Arkle sketched out the ten types of people you’ll spot this week, if you’re sitting in the front row or just browsing the Internet.

I must say, every time I visit runways, I always love to watch ‘the others’. Most of them are dressed to be very very noticed.. and maybe a little ‘too created’… just to be photographed by some street-style pages like The Sartorialist …. haha! Maybe next time I should dress completely ‘over the top’. Maybe then I will be noticed as well… oh, no… I forgot Scott Schuman never photographs visitors above size 38 EU… LOL!

Illustrator Peter Arkle:

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