100 years of fashion: 1910


So many changes in fashion in the past 100 years, now 1910s

A nice video to see fashion of 100 years:

Editor: Dorien Luyckx

Not only fashion, the clothes were important. But also the women’s body shape.
Every period in the pass has their own ‘ideal woman’s shape’. Here you can see very well the ‘real women bodies’ vs celebrity bodies in 1910


In the beginning of the twentieth century fashion didn’t cut itself loose from the previous century. In the 1900s a woman’s figure had to be S-shaped, which was a trend of the previous decades.

Women had to wear S-bend corsets for their body to take the proper form. This corset made the hips tip backwards and forced the chest forward. Puffy blouses, decorated with lace and ribbons, emphasized this silhouette and accented the chest.


Haute Couture
In this period the Haute Couture centre Paris flourished and women of wealth cam from all over the world to buy clothing and visit boutiques. Armed with a copy of belle mode, women tried to find the perfect clothing to outshine friend and enemy.


Wealthy women visited boutiques, where they were received privately and could view the latest fashion worn by ‘vendeuses’, women that showed and sold couture. When the client was sattisfied with her choosings, the house started making the dress and often was fitted (and adjusted when necessary) at home.


A new silhouette that French couturiers introduced late in the decade announced the downfall of the corset. Women’s shape became more columnal.

The Gibson Girl
gibson girls

The Gibson girl appeared at the end of the previous decade. Illustrator Charles Gibson invented and drew her and soon she became a fashion icon. His pictures were to represent the habits, customs and attitudes of his time. Many women wanted to be like her, many men admired her.


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