18 ‘fashion rules’ from Beth Ditto


On Buzzfeed the 18 fashion rules from Beth Ditto are the kind of fashion rules you can definitely follow. She doesn’t just influence fashion, she completely embodies it. I like Beth, because she is comfy with herself and shows that it doesn’t matter to be a plus size woman to be in music world! And I am a rebel as well: “your body, your own rules!!”

1. Undo the rules
2. You can look good and be comfortable
3. Be fearless
4. Be weird
5. Get sexy
6. Never let others get you down
7. Even at your worst, look your best
8. Don’t be afraid to play with color


9. But don’t be afraid of classic black either


10. Challenge what fashion says is right
11. It’s all about the eyes and the lips

Beth Ditto

12. Show off your legs
13. Whatever you have on, you better work it
14. Mess around with patterns
15. Unleash your inner rock star


16. Take pointers from the legends
17. Be loud!
18. Stay humble

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