1st of March: national compliment day!


To ALL of you: YOU are AMAZING!


After 10 successful editions of ‘National Compliment Day’ in the Netherlands (since 2011 also spreading into Belgium and Norway). A compliment is a great way to motivate, admire or encourage someone.

Miss Etam did a survey with 1000 women. Compliments are very important for a positive self-image. 85% of the women says they feel more confident after getting a compliment. 45% prefers to receive a compliment from their partner, after them their child, good friend of family.

See my reactions, when….:



But why should you compliment?
1. Makes you feel good, lifts our spirits, motivates
2. Makes the receiver feel good
3. Helps you connect with others in a positive way
4. Strengthens relationships
5. Makes you feel less lonely

My best compliment I got for my website:


Give a compliment today! And from now… you RECEIVE the compliments you get and be happy!

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