2015: skinny is out, 2016: healthy is in!


The health organization want models with BMI 18+


Great news in the end of this year…
France is cracking down on portrayals of excessive thinness. A law banning too skinny models has been adopted, following similar measures in Italy, Spain, and Israel.

Under the new law, models applying for work in France must provide a medical certificate proving their overall health is good and that their Body Mass Index (BMI) is appropriate for the job. Employers must require the certificate and agencies must make it available for each model. I

French officials have also signed into law a stipulation, commencing no later than January 1, 2017, that commercial photos of models whose bodies has been digitally altered to appear thinner (or larger) must include the disclaimer ‘retouched photograph.’

Check this ….. on ABC Good Morning America show.
“Runway models are, by definition and professional necessity, starving to death’ Models on stage have a BMI 14, 2 below starvation. This can’t be ‘a natural skinny’. The health organization want models with BMI 18+.

This is the best wish for 2016… healthy models in different sizes in the fashion industry and media!


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