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How to find the perfect bikini bottom…


Shopping a bikini is already a struggling! Finding one in your size is a big challenge! And a bikini for your bodyshape is another thing. A lot of women still want to cover their body, even when they are in swimwear. On dailymail I saw this article. Granny pants or boyish shorts? Low hipsters or string ties? The huge range of shapes and cuts can feel like a minefield. And it seems that most of us may be picking the wrong style for our figure. Model Brenna (size 44 EU, 14 US) is showing the bikini bottoms!

Worried your bum will look big on the beach? Buy SMALLER bottoms… granny pants emphasise curves while a skimpier cut slims your bottom. Conclusion: your bum will look optical smaller with smaller shape of bottoms. You loose weight, by picking the right shape!

My opinion is that clothes and swimwear should make you look better. When I shop bikini or underwear bottoms, I always shop 2 sizes larger. Because I don’t like the bottom so tight on my hips. When it’s larger, it’s more loose and you look slimmer! The same I do with shorts. Wider shape, so my legs look slimmer. Styling is all about optical. You can look 10 kilos less, with the perfect styling!

Tip 1:

About left:
Model BRENNA: ‘I am not sure these type of big knickers are that flattering. My bottom looks enormous!’
Fashion Editor ELIZA: ‘High-waisted briefs are a notoriously tricky style. These could make you seem short and stocky.’

The left makes you look huge, and a ‘negative line’. On the right it looks optical better in shape and smaller.

About right:
BRENNA: ‘While this shape is possibly too sporty for me, it does make my bottom look round without seeming overly large.’
ELIZA: ‘This bikini is the perfect optical illusion, a curved edge makes the bottom look more pert.’

Tip 2:

About left:
BRENNA: ‘My bottom looks pert, round and smaller than it actually is. A surprising winner and something I’d never have picked up in the shops.’
ELIZA: ‘The clever seam and curved edging serve to make Brenna’s bottom look perfectly peachy.’

About right:
BRENNA: ‘Hideously unflattering. I prefer much more coverage on my hips and the cut makes me look much larger than I really am!’
ELIZA: ‘The cut is all wrong. They give no illusion of a curvy bottom and the ties show off far too much hip.’

Optical the left makes your bum look wider, it looks bigger.

Tip 3:

About left:
BRENNA: ‘I can imagine wearing these on the beach and feeling good. The pretty detailing around the edges makes them look feminine.’
ELIZA: ‘The high cut helps to accentuate Brenna’s curves. The higher a pair of briefs sit, the longer your legs will seem by comparison.’

About right:
BRENNA: ‘My bottom feels much more covered than it did in the previous two. Having said that, once I see them on I can tell they are nowhere near as flattering. No thanks!’
ELIZA: ‘Unflattering because it doesn’t offer enough support or material around the hips and waist.

Almost the same bottoms, but the left looks more ‘loose’ and this positive for your shape. The bum looks better!

This is a very good article and shows very well what shapes do with your body! Next time when you shop bikini bottoms, bring a friend and make a picture of your behind… you can be very critical! Good luck!

If YOU have a question. You struggle with something. Your shape, size, style…. send me an email: edith@stylehasnosize.com and hopefully I can help you feeling better about yourself! Hope to hear from YOU!

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