67% of American women are size 14 or larger


This means 2 of 3 women is a size 14 US, size 44 EU or larger

As of 2012, it is estimated that 67% of American women are plus-size — size 14 or larger. The CDC currently reports the average American woman’s measurements equate to a size 14 (though other studies put her between a 16 and 18). Yet, plus-size women account for, on average, 1 to 2% of the bodies represented in mainstream media.

In the Netherlands 57% of the women of 18 years and older is a size 42 EU, 12 US. And 44% is a size 44 EU, 14 US. Even here in the Netherlands… the average size is a size 42 EU!


Look at Refinery29 and their Instagram feed, and the difference is evident at first glance. They have applied this rule to every story we can feasibly illustrate with an original photo or design, and have curated the content so that 67% of the people you see are plus-size. Looking at their site today (and comparing it to yesterday) it looks as if they have launched a new plus-size platform. But make no mistake — this isn’t R29 Plus. The very concept of a plus-size issue underscores the message they are trying to spread: Plus is not niche. It is the norm.

And this is what I am saying for soon long… I am an average size… not plus! women between a size 42 and 48 EU are having an average size, the inbetweenies… not thin, not fat! And why is this still so difficult for the fashion industry to understand this? This is the largest group in fashion! A lot of money to earn…. and still the fashion industry is not waking up…

See the 67%. Do not look away. Use the hashtag #SeeThe67 in your social media and show that you support this statement! Our bodies come in many sizes. The images in the media do not.
R29 and Getty Images are offering everyone, from major magazines to independent bloggers, access to license this collection of images featuring women of the 67%. So you can be a stock image for different magazines or adverts. Don’t get me wrong… it’s great, but these can also be used in a negative way… diets, sport and loosing weight, unhealthy subjects, etc… anyway… I support this statement, I already posted on instagram!

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