73 questions to Victoria Beckham

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“sunset orange” is my favorite color, Victoria answered. All the answers of the 73 questions.

After Anna Wintour now Vogue asked 73 questions to ‘icequeen’ Victoria Beckham. Never heard her talk so much in 1 time. I am not a fan of her personality, I am h a fan of her collections and design! I must admit she gave some great answers. Answers which inspire me.

The movie who made her cry the most was ’12 years of a slave’. I just saw this movie and was crying as well. Heels and flats are her favorite shoes. Exactly… you can wear both styles.

Why don’t you smile is the worst question she has been asked in the past. The answer: “I am smiling on the inside, I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community.” I can’t remember, seeing her smile at all in the past. Even during the Spice Girls, it looked she was smiling, but I think it hurts… when she smiles. I think Kim Kardashian and Victoria share the same not-smiling, because of getting wrinkles. Haha….

The best fashion secret: “less is more”
“David loves everything in my wardrobe”.
Her spirit animal is a swan.
I love the answer if you could have a super power: ” workout and sleep at the same time” I think we all want this super power!! haha…

Victoria_Beckham , vogue, 73 questions1

And the goal of 2015: ” to really learn more and figure out what I can do to really help and make a difference” I think this will be my goal as well.

Vogue, I like this interview with Victoria…. I see her now different and have more respect for her. great seeing her shop… it was almost a commercial! But… now I can tell… I was in Victoria Beckhams shop… haha!

Check out the whole interview

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