8 reasons not to wear tight jeans


A great article on Huffington Post about skinny jeans being the absolute worst. And especially for women with curves… hips, tummys. etc. It’s always the hardest thing to find a great pair of jeans… boyfriend, straight or skinny! Here are some fantastic reasons why skinny jeans are a real nightmare!

1. Shopping for them is a total nightmare.
2. And once you find that ‘perfect’ pair, you have to head straight to the tailor.
3. You always have to check to make sure the dye from your new denim hasn’t come off on your hands or legs.
4. Forget storing anything in the pockets. Skinny jeans are usually too tight to be able to stuff anything.
5. You’re constantly fighting against the muffin top.
6. After you put them in the washing machine, they shrink so much and all you can think is…
7. And then your freshly-washed skinny jeans are impossible to get onto your body.
8. And once they stretch out, you need to wash them all over again

Some great jeans shop tips for inbetweenies and plus size:
1. Zizzi has fantastic fit jeans for different shapes!
2. Juna Rose has some cool jeans!
3. Skinny jeans from Primark go up to size 46-48 EU, 16-18 US and have great stretch!
4. Marks & Spencer have some jeans in sizes 48-50 EU, 18-20 US.
5. Even at C&A you can find some fashionable jeans!
6. At Asos Curve you can find some jeans!
7. Check also the mens department at some shops!

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