David Bowie, A big inspirator has passed away


David Bowie, 8 januari 1947 – 10 januari 2016


A big inspirator has passed away. For me has been a FANTASTIC artist. Not only music… he is more… he is a icon. He had great feel for everything like music, art and fashion. Yes… fashion! For me he’s a style icon! he was a man who expressed himself in his own way. Dressed what he loved… check his styles through the years!

He is unarguably fashion’s king of self-invention. Mod teenager, hippy with dishevelled curls, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke – Bowie has changed his style more dramatically than any other musician in history. His transformations brought about seismic cultural shifts, changing the definition of what it meant to be a popular rock star. For Bowie clothes were a way of projecting self-expression, a powerful tool in communicating individuality at its most extreme, glittering and creative.

Sexually ambiguous, but desirable to both men and women, his Ziggy Stardust persona – in all its flame-haired, colourful sparkling glory – is still one of the most enduring and iconic images of popular culture and has been replicated countlessly since.



Blackstar (stylised as ★) is the twenty-fifth and final studio album by English musician David Bowie. It was released on 8 January 2016, the date of Bowie’s 69th birthday and two days before his death, all signs of illness and death were already in the video clip:

I hope you can be a ★ in the sky now… rest in piece, david Bowie!


I already had plans to visit ‘David Bowie is’ at Groninger Museum, this exhibition will be till 13th of March 2016. See here an impression. It will be very emotional to see this ‘memorial to David Bowie’.

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