A gorgeous inbetweenie on cover French Elle

Yes! Tara did it again! On the cover of French Elle, february. So proud! A gorgeous inbetweenie on the cover of a high end fashion magazine! More about curvy women and their styles and about the body with Tara Lynn. My French is very bad, but I want to have this issue!

And inside pages… Thanx to The Curvy Fashionista


  • She looks great! So is “inbetweenie” the new word for women who are neither model-thin nor plus-sized? It’s a cute word but it’s both hilarious and a little sad that the group of women that represent the majority are named with reference to the “extreme” minorities they don’t belong to… Though I guess there’s no way around it because “normal-sized” is offensive to the others, and “average-sized” is kind of offensive to them…

  • I just came across your wonderful blog through Madison Plus’s website and I’m in love! Finally someone writing about being that difficult in between size (not plus, not size 6 either!)
    I’m a North American 12-14, and am 5’10” (178cm) and LOVE fashion but am surprised at how difficult it can be to find clothes that fit. For example, Forever21 stores fit small (usually not much larger than an American size 10) and that’s likely because its target shopper is “younger” but their plus size line fits too large for me…more ideal for size 16 and up. I’m stuck in no-mans’ land!
    I’m so glad your blog is targeted towards women out there that aren’t tiny straight sizes but also aren’t seriously plus sized! Keep up the great work!! 🙂

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