A great diversity of women for Marks and Spencer!


This Spring/Summer ‘14 campaign of Marks and Spencer’s shows the most powerful trends of this season.
The campaign will be launched on the 31st of March. The Leading Ladies for this campaign are Emma Thompson, Annie Lennox , Rita Ora , Alek Wek, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon, Lulu Kennedy, Rachel Khoo and Roma Agrawal. Such a great diversity of women… damn!!! Well done, M&S!
Fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz took these great images! And look at these strong women all together! The only one who’s missing is the ‘British Queen of Music’ Adele… that’s my opinion! Because there could have been some size diversity in this campaign!


“Our Spring/Summer ‘14 campaign is celebrating style and presentations. These dynamic Leading Ladies are unique and different women of modern UK. Marks & Spencer loves women in different ages and their own life periods. This is the reason to celebrate this diversity! This campaign stands for style, quality, diversity and succes.” Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, M&S Executive Director Marketing en Business Development

Check out the video:

A great message from Roma Agrawal in this video: “It’s about how you feel. If you’ re confident and comfortable about what you are wearing, you will come across well.




  • To me it’s a bit like the No Models-Campaign Brigitte magazine did in Germany. We show “normal” People that are still less then average thin. I do appreciate it anyway, because it’s still better than what we see in regular fashion campaings, but the one woman that seems to wear a larger size seems to be the odd one out (she also never seems to be the center of a shot). Why not have a more balanced proportion of body types. I’m sorry, but to me the message is still as long as your thin you look good. You can be older no problem just stick to your diet you’ll be fine.

  • thanks for sharing! I am in LOVE with that Chevron pattern skirt Annie is wearing (or is it a dress?)

    Adele missing?
    maybe she has been offered to join and she turned down!
    anyway, glad to see different sizes, ages and cultures!

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