A natural beauty in Louboutin Charme video!


Yeahhhh!!! A big step forward for size diversity!


Luxury shoe brand Christian Louboutin casts its first ever ‘plus-size’, I call it average size, campaign star to appear in a beautiful video ad for its beauty range. Louboutin has chosen a natural size woman, an inbetweenie, for their Louboutin charme video! Clementine Dessaux is the model in this video


The luxury footwear brand, which is famous for its red lacquered soles, has chosen model Clementine Desseaux, who is between a size 12 and 14, as the star of the design label’s new social media campaign for its line of rouge lipsticks.

Clementine Desseaux_louboutin

The 27-year-old French-born beauty told Daily Mail Online that ‘such a big French brand using a curvier girl for her face is a big step’. She added: “Not for curvy women, not for freckles, just for women.”

“The beauty norm is changing and differences that used to be weaknesses are now turning into strengths.”
Clementine explained that she moved to New York three years ago because of the size of her body left her unable to find modeling work in Paris.
“Being curvy and freckly was never easy back when I was in France,” she said. “Now beauty is changing and brands are putting girls that are different in the spotlight. They are opening up to all the beauty that is in the world and not only the European, blond, skinny, white woman type.”


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