A real impression of the plus size fashion industry

Sooooo addicted watching Curvy Girls of Nuvo TV. Finally we can watch this show here in Europe. So great seeing 4 different type of plus size models living their life and doing their jobs. Lornalitz (size 40-42) is the smallest of them all, Denise (size 46), Rosie (size 56-58) and Ivory (size 42-44). It’s great to have a better impression how the plus size industry shows so much size diversity. It would be great to have that in the regular industry as well. Seeing sizes 36 next a size 40 or size 44.
Now they have a casting call for the next season, casting will be the week of January 7th in NYC. It’s a great show to get a real impression of the plus size fashion industry. Wish it would come to Europe as well.

You see the picture, made for Plus Model Magazine. And Ivory is in the middle. And respect to these models, being naked in this picture and in the episode!

Denise Bidot is really my favorite. She’s a beautiful inbetweenie and she’s got the right shape body.


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