A reflection of the real world


This is how fashion should be

For how long I am already writing and saying: fashion world wake up! It’s time for diversity. “Fashion is all about dreams and illusion and can be in different sizes, colours and ages.”
Fashion should be a reflection of the real world.

I already wrote about this documentary before. So great to see that Jenny McQuaile (director), Yael Melamede (producer) and Jessica Lewis (producer). And so amazing with Jessica I have worked with, 3,5 years ago. A size diversity shoot in New York. We already talked about how important it is to show diversity in fashion.
Photo above: Anastasia Garcia

Jessica, wearing clothes of my label! Picture by Suzanne Rensink

Backstage with Justine (L) and Jessica (R) in our apartment in NYC

When you think about the different types of models in the fashion industry, two categories come to mind: straight size and plus size. But the Straight/Curve documentary is exploring beyond this simplistic dichotomy. The film is centered around one project, the “Straight/Curve: Fashion Reimagined” exhibit, which features 12 models of different ages, sizes, and skin tones in one epic photo. The documentary chronicles all the preparation and obstacles: booking a diverse group of models, finding the luxury clothes in various sizes, dealing with fashion industry politics, and finally the reactions of the exhibit attendees. The purpose: To prove that diversity is not only beautiful, but also essential.

“We never see women of varying shapes and sizes and colors standing in the same photo with a high-end aesthetic and high-fashion clothing,” Jenny McQuaile, the director and producer of the film, tells SELF. “We’re so accustomed to seeing straight-size models through this lens and that thin ideal is so damaging to society. I wanted to change the imagery that we’re seeing out there and show the fashion industry that it can be done.”

McQuaile is hoping that Straight/Curve viewers will walk out of the photo exhibit and the film with a new perspective on the diversity movement that is already escalating right now. “This exhibit poses the question: ‘What is the problem with these images?’ And I’m really hoping that people say, ‘Nothing. They’re beautiful,’ says McQuaile.” She hopes to debut the Straight/Curve documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival early in 2017. But you can see the first trailer for the film and a few exclusive images from the diversity exhibit ahead.

Different sizes, ages and colours! PERFECTION! Photo: Anastasia Garcia

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