“A size 24 should not be treated differently……”

Such a great statement Navabi made with this campaign! No clothes to wear! A beautiful inbetweenie walking naked at the fashion week in Berlin to show the world she can’t wear beautiful exclusive, stylish designer clothes… I totally agree…

“Finally designer fashion beyond a size 14”
No person is to be unfairly disadvantaged or favoured because of his gender, descent, race, his
language, ethnic origin, and beliefs, his religious or political views. […] *
There is no mentioning of sizes here – of course not. You think we lay it on a bit too thick,
quoting the Basic Law of the German constitution? YES and NO.
YES – because theoretically a woman wearing a size 24 should not be treated differently than
someone with a size 8.
NO – in practice, however, there is an innumerable amount of women who are limited in life
because of their size. They are much bigger than a size zero model, that‘s a fact. Thus, this is
anything but a „minority problem“. Then why is there a complete lack of affordable designer
fashion for them?

The scenario: narrow dressing rooms in the rearmost location of the shop, that is where the
„plus sizes“ can be found. Unfavourably cut clothing, looking cheap and yet being too expensive.
Or there is the option to go to a designer and secretly order a tailor-made item. Realistic
alternative or discrimination?
According to this, much more women beyond a size 14 ought to be wondering around Berlin
and every other city, searching for clothing that fits their style. Clothing that is a reflection of
their personality – both professionally and on a private level. Just like everybody else does.
Our model wears a size XXX. She is a representative for many confident and fashionable
women, who do not want to put up with this situation any longer.
This campaign is supposed to be eye-opening, holding a mirror up to the fashion industry.
With its limitation to „designer fashion“ the Berlin Fashion Week provided just the right setting
for us.
It was not an attack on the fashion industry. It was quite the contrary. It was and is a call, an
offer, for a closer cooperation with designers, labels, and for everybody who wants to actively
participate in a better future.
Our vision is „create and deliver happiness“: we want our customers to enjoy life. Therefore,
we have to take risks, as we do not accept the status quo. It may appear rebellious, perhaps
it is provocative, but it is our mutual understanding – it is an integral part of our philosophy.
We put our customers and their right to high-quality and sophisticated clothing beyond a size
14 first.
This is what we work and live for. Currently in more than 30 countries of the world – and it‘s
just the beginning!
Finally – navabi



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