Adele, Queen of Hearts


The cover looks amazing, and also the other photos of her next her interview.



Oh yeah…. Adele is on a cover! And not just another cover, no… this time it’s the december cover of Vanity Fair and a big interview with her. She looks so amazing! I love to see she has lost some weight, but she is still the curvy woman! Her face is looking so much better. So much younger, fresh and full of energy!


Great to read this… tomorrow is my birthday, not just another Bday… no, it’s 40th… so emotional.
Adele says, “Every day as I get older, I appreciate women more and more. When you’re between the ages of 15 and 19, maybe you see women as competition, as opposed to lifesavers and people that hold your hand and have experienced pretty much everything that you have. So the more women in my life the better.”

“I don’t care about money. I’m British, and we don’t have that . . . thing of having to earn more money all the time. I don’t come from money; it’s not that important a part of my life. Obviously I have nice things, and I live in a nicer area than I grew up in. That was my goal from the age of seven: it was ‘I ain’t living here.’ I didn’t care how I was getting out, I didn’t care where I’d be living, but I knew I wasn’t living there. I love being famous for my songs, but I don’t enjoy being in the public eye. I love to make music, and I love doing shows, and I needed to go back to work—not for money but because something was missing.”
Read more about this interview at Vanity fair




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