Again the excuse: “it’s that there isn’t demand from buyers”

Wel well…. the first designer who steps up for clothes larger than size 12 at net-a porter!!!! Mary Katrantzou, designer of great printed dresses: “I was looking at a size 14 (uk) woman wearing our dress and I thought, ‘I can’t believe we don’t go bigger than that size!’ because she looked tiny.” wrote an article about her and the sizes. This is because she’s a 14+ herself… Hopefully she will design for women larger than a UK size 14…

“Sometimes designers are blamed for not going to a size 16, but it’s not that: it’s that there isn’t demand [from buyers]. So I think if buyers were more brave to try it for a couple of seasons, they would sell more and designers would produce more.”

Come on…. no demand from buyers! Ofcourse there’s a demand! Most of the designers are afraid to extend their collections! 14+ doesn’t only want to buy bags and shoes at net-a-porter… we want dresses, skirts, tops and more!

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