Age diversity in Miu Miu’s Fall 2015 Campaign


Great pictures by Steven Meisel for Miu Miu

Yes, this was the fall collection and I am a bit late with this news… but I just love to start 2016 with this! Now on SALE, available at net-a-porter. And what I noticed… all the largest sizes are sold out… is that a surprise??? nooooo… of course NOT!

Steven Meisel went out into the bustling streets of New York City during rush hour to capture these images, and we’re in love!

The forums erupted the minute the images surfaced. “This is by far one of Meisel’s best campaigns in years. I love the over the top excess, it feels fresh. Fashion needs to stop taking itself so seriously. I have not been disappointed with the campaigns so far. Hopefully this trend will continue!” applauded GivenchyHomme.

And more applause if they also showed some size diversity in this campaign…. now we see age diversity, which already is amazing! It really was possible to show a size 40 or 42 EU in this campaign. Reflection of the reality on the streets…
Dear Steven, you make a difference! Next time show a model in a larger size. You have a lot of influence, why don’t you use it in a positive way?

In the collection are a lot of oversized coats and jackets, so a model in size 40/42 EU can wear this easily. The collection most of time goes up to size 42 EU and coats sometimes even 44 EU. I don’t see the problem… just don’t mention it’s a plus size model.. because she isn’t!

I think this will be the future… campaigns which inspire everybody… in every size, color and age!






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