Aglaë Dreyer X Navabi



As the second part of Navabi’s Influencer Collections series, Belgian plus size model Aglaë Dreyer has designed a capsule collection for the premium plus size retailer that focuses on relaxed feminine styles. The seven piece collection Aglaë meets Navabi has been designed to encourage plus size women to flaunt their curves instead of hiding them.


I love this minimalistic collection, it’s clean, stylish, trendy and it’s also luxury. The pinstripe oversized blazer is on my wish list, I wish they added a palazzo pants (the same pinstripe as the blazer) to the collection, so you could have worn it as a fashion suit! Maybe you still can produce these pants? My advice from me to you…

“As a plus model for years, I always felt a bit frustrated with the collections, I wanted pieces that would show more skin. I always felt the clothes I was wearing were meant to hide my shape although all I want to do it is show them … as I’m proud of my curves and so should you be,” commented Dreyer.

The collection is the opposite of the collection of Bethany Rutter: the based around a blue and white colour palette with easy-to-wear, mix-and-match pieces. Included are a dark blue cold shoulder maxi dress, an airy white blouse with fluted sleeves, a pale blue striped ruffle wrap dress, a dark blue wrap skirt, elegant jogging pants, a white t-with heart motif and a pin-striped blazer.

“The thought that curvy women should hide is wrong. This design cooperation is close to my heart as navabi is a cool, young brand that understands that fashion is for everyone and that we as women deserve more. Together with navabi, I would like to offer a collection that is sexy as well as feminine and cool for all the beautiful women out there,” explained Dreyer the inspiration for her collection.

Navabi’s first influencer collection was designed by British blogger Bethany Rutter of Arched Eyebrow fame; the next collection is already underway and will be designed by blogger Isabell Decker of Dressing Outside the Box.



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