“Ahead of the Curve. Moving Fashion Forward.”

I found this great designer Youtheary Khmer through another blog. The slogan: “Ahead of the Curve. Moving Fashion Forward.” Some pieces are great for inbetweenies and up! Everything goes up to size 22 (US), a size 50! I must say I love these 2 pieces! And the prices are so low!!!! Only 69 and 89 dollar!

Theary Sim is a Cambodian model turn designer. She began her journey as a celebrity wardrobe stylist. Youtheary Khmer wants every woman to love her curves and can feel beautiful just walking down the street. Her mission is to design custom, effortless looks by providing well-made, high quality clothing that is flattering, trendy, and most importantly doesn’t break the bank. The collections blend hand drawn designs with silhouettes that are not only reminiscent of things past, but truly point the direction to fashion’s future with crystal clarity. Youtheary Khmer is evolutionary and is changing the face of full figured fashion as we see it today.

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