Amanda Seyfried and her boobs!


Actress Amanda Seyfried was at the Ellen show, talking about her feature in Allure Magazine, how to look good in the naked issue. But she was not naked in the issue. “At this point in my life I do feel good naked. When you are young you don’t appreciate it.”
Love her saying: “I am in between… ages as a 27 year old girl.” When she was 15 she had beautiful breasts, but coming to Hollywood, she had to lose weight to look thin and sporty. “I was feminine, I had some nice curves and we should appreciate that. Instead of getting rid of it all the time.”

I think this is a great statement: not only the fashion industry is showing only one kind of image. But in Hollywood 95% of the actresses are thin as well. There’s no size diversity at all. Even if you are a size 38 EU/8 US… you already being called plus size. I think that should change as well!

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