An Asian look for Tara Lynn

The new spring/summer 2013 collection of Triangle by S Oliver, the plus size division of S Oliver: elegant looks for warm spring days. Gorgeous Tara Lynn (size 44 EU) is again the face of this brand. She looks great in this by Asia inspired prints and clothes.


“Ladylike is the latest trend for spring celebrate, elegant femininity with new colours, patterns and textures. Sensual flowing materials with silky textures should shine in trendy jewel colours and exotic prints, providing a thrilling contrast to basics in classic black. The fashion world’s favourite colour continues to appear fresh and new with sophisticated styles and it remains the undisputed favourite combination of the season.”


  • What a beautiful campaign. They did an amazing job with the lighting and the background. And Tara is just a great model. She always does amazing.
    And is it just me or she looks thinner here? Not judging. Just wondering.

    • I must admit she looks slimmer on the pictures, maybe by posing this way… on the video you can see her curves better!

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