Anita Marshall for Asos Curve Xmas collection


Love to see the not-cliche-clothes with Xmas


I love to see this collection of Asos Curve. The model who is in their Xmas campaign is the 25-year-old Anita Marshall. I love that they show something different. I love to show not the cliche Xmas clothes. This is exactly how I like it!


Some questions to Anita
How did you first start modelling? My mum always used to tell me that I’d be good at it, but you know what your parents are like , they’re your biggest fans! I pursued it once and had a really bad experience so didn’t continue but one of my work colleagues persuaded me to give it one last try. I sent my photos to Dorothy Combs model agency and the rest is history, I was so in shock that I didn’t sign my contract for about two months.

In love with this look… I would wear it like this!

What’s been your fave project so far? Honestly, I don’t have one single favourite because it all moulds you into the model that you become. Every job is different and I learn so much from every project, so I don’t like one more than any other, all the crews and people that I meet are amazing. I’ve been to some really cool places too at a young age, I don’t think you feel like you’ll get to travel the world so I’m very grateful for modelling because it’s given me these opportunities.


What three beauty products can’t you live without? I was actually a make-up artist in Sephora for four years, so I always liked trying out-there beauty looks. I’d have to say moisturiser for hydrating (you got to keep that beautiful skin going), concealer because sometimes you wake up and need a little extra help, and eyebrow pencils as your eyebrows frame your whole face.

Describe your style… It’s primarily comfort over fashion, but I’ve been loving prints and colours recently. My wardrobe used to be the typical ‘model wardrobe’ with black jeans, black shirts, black shoes, and lots of my friends were like ‘what’s up with your closet?!’ so I decided to experiment more. I’ve been very into the whole 70s thing lately, I guess with my ‘fro it goes, I love it.

Do you have a life mantra? My life mantra is actually my school motto: find a way or make one. Sometimes you’re just thrown into a situation and you might not know how to deal with it, but you find a way.

Any advice for aspiring young models? I would say, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, because if I had done then I wouldn’t be where I am today. Keep fighting for what you want and eventually someone will give you the tools to create it.

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