Anna Scholz for Curves in Couture!

Some backstage pictures of Curves in Couture from Anna Scholz.
Beautiful inbetweenies in her creations!

Models: (from left) dutch pride Marlous, Harriet, Robyn, Tanya, Zoe, Toccara, Sophie, Anoushka

Queen of the inbetweenies: Robyn Lawley.

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  • WOW – wasn’t the ‘Curves for Couture’ Fashion show for plus size models fabulous last Thursday evening? It is fantastic that there are so many people out their supporting us gorgeous curvaceous girls and promoting beautiful curvaceous clothes that show off and enhance our figures so very well.

    As one of the designers – Carolyn de la Drapiere, I think it is fantastic that there are new designers coming along to give us all lots of choice. Skinny girls have the choice of 100’s of designers literally – so why can’t we as well? We all want a bigger selection of fab clothes to choose between, so was amazing to see a number of designers showcased last Thursday night!

    Personally, I love creating clothes that accentuate our sensuous feminine shape – enhancing cleavages and showing our curvy shape – not trying to hide it under loose tops and dresses. Show off your shape is my motto and enjoy wearing clothes that make you feel FANTASTIC !!!

    See my website for more pics from the show… hope you enjoy them. Was such a fun night and just so brilliant to celebrate curvaceous beauties!!!

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