Are these M&S women ‘real’ enough?

Marks & Spencer showed their shapewear with models in different sizes. Reveal Magazine wrote an article about these ‘real sizes’. Are these M&S women ‘real’ enough? Can we please stop this? All these women are ‘real size women’.
Not everyone can be a model. Being a model is a talent: you must be photogenic, it’s a profession. I think it’s already great to show fashion in different sizes. And yes, they should be a better version of yourself. Senksar wrote an article and showed 2 different pictures: the one from M&S with the models and the other is with not-models. Which one do you prefer?

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  • Personally, they all look beautiful to me. But the truth is, I agree with you about models. That's their job, not necessarily being a "better version of you", but someone you look up to and emulate, hence the word "model". And the truth is all women are real, are they not? I'm kind of done with this "real women" thing. Should they use women larger than a 5? Sure! Should they use any woman over a size 5. No. They should use models. To call them "real women" is kind of dumb. They are models. That's all.

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