Are Zara clothes too small?

Coming back to the article about Zara’s size problem. ABC news made an item saying that America is too fat for Zara.

Alissa Wilson from and Shainna Tucker from A thick girls closet, both a size 48 EU (18 US) show in this video they won’t fit in Zara’s clothes. Shainna: “I love their handbags and shoes. I still have a place in my heart, somewhere for Zara”.

See below some reactions of people, after putting this item on my Stylehasnosize Facebook page.


  • YES! Yes, they are. Which is a shame really, cause plus-size women would love to shop there. I know I would. I have some pieces from there, but they’re usually in very stretchy fabrics and were meant to be loose on skinnier women.
    Even when I was a European size 40/41, I couldn’t fit in their largest pants… And that’s an absurd. And to make matters worse, they’re now reducing the number of sizes available, ie, they only make certain garments in S or M. Honestly is like they’re saying: conform to our sizes, so we don’t have to think about making bigger or smaller clothes.
    I hope the Inditex group changes they’re approach and realize how profitable it’d be to cater to a bigger range of customers.

  • I think it’s weird, I’m 5’7” (170cm) tall and around 175 pounds (80kg) and I usually find good stuff there. their trf line runs a little on the small side as it is targeted to younger – teen auudiences, but me wearing a size UK16 or XL I’ve found flattering stuff at Zara.
    I think that the only difference is that Zara clothes are size listed in European numbers and not in American, hence the difference in sizing (UK16 equals US12).

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