The Arousel Carousel

In cold and damp weather, when spirits run low and the heart hangs heavy, make your way to a special place in Brussels where a simple look around will be enough to restore your “joie de vivre” and revive the pleasures of the senses.
(Bruno Dayan)

Editor: Dorien Luyckx

Enter and you will discover a whole new place
At Lady Paname, an erotic boutique at the centre of Brussels, are opened doors to an unknown, or for some less unknown, world. A whiff of vanilla candles floats through the air and dances around on the compelling beats of Jazz that’s coming out of the retro music player. Surrounded by second-hand furniture, your eyes can feast on all those exciting and daring objects. ‘I want my boutique to breathe history. Just like the neighbourhood.’ And as if a sensual finger is guiding you along, you begin exploring a new part of yourself, you haven’t known before, but you do like very very much.

(Bruno Dayan)

A new wind in the sex toy business
The last few years, many erotic boutiques had to undergo a certain make-over to attract the changing public. More and more women buy the erotic accessories: they make their own choices, based on their own pleasure. But it hasn’t become mainstream as many would think, considering the success of erotic novels. ‘Offering sex toys in a supermarket would go way too far,’ Ann of Erotische verbeelding, An erotic boutique in Antwerp, notes. And to be honest, vibrators and dildos aren’t the things we wish to see next to the vegetables. You might mistake in search of a cucumber.

Long distance orgasm
Women are more and more becoming the core business of high-quality erotic products. Vibrators are changing immensely. They have become as quiet as a mouse/ Another innovation are the orgasms at a long distance, triggered by a remote control in someone else’s hands or by applications on smartphones. But it even goes further! Nowadays couples in a Long Distance Relationship can be connected with Kiiroo. This teledildonic consists of two parts (a male masturbator and a female vibrator), which through Internet and Bluetooth determine the rhythm. ‘It has become more and more important that products are of a certain quality and ecologically. Companies that try to reach these goals have done many research on the right material to use and the way it follows the body,’ Chantal concludes.

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