Ashley Graham, Beauty beyond size


A great interview with Ashley Graham in The Edit.

This year starts very good!! Net-a-porter’s magazine The Edit, comes with a great cover story with Ashley Graham.

Ashley: My mom is a very encouraging woman. My whole life she told me, ‘You have to love who you are. You have an amazing personality, you have a great heart. Just be who you are.’ My mom never said, ‘I feel so ugly’, she never looked at her face and said, ‘I need a lift.’ I never saw her looking at herself negatively and therefore I never looked at myself that way. But some people aren’t as lucky to have a mother like mine, which is why we need curvy role models. I was told to look up to Marilyn Monroe and J.Lo, because those were the only two curvy women considered beautiful. We need role models for young girls who say, ‘Embrace your curves. Who cares that your body isn’t perfect?’

I didn’t like my body when I gained a lot of weight. I was trying to like it when you are plus size, you have to embrace your curves and accept your rolls. I have rolls now and I won’t airbrush them out on Instagram, but I was unhealthy then. I could feel it in my skin. And it was even harder to find clothes. I don’t think every store or designer has to make plus-size pieces, but I think if we get the majority on board to start thinking of a normal woman’s body, that’s where the change is going to be.

I think that you can be healthy at any size and my goal is to help and educate women on that. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22, you can be healthy as long as you’re taking care of your body, working out, and telling yourself ‘I love you’ instead of taking in the negativity of beauty standards.

“We’re in the MIDDLE of a great conversation but we have YEARS before we hit the PEAK. Curves are here to stay”

I’m meant to spread the word and change beauty and body standards in the fashion industry. And even outside the industry, in my whole community. A year and a half ago, I started a group called ALDA it means ‘wave’ in Icelandic with four other plus-size models. We go to schools to talk about body image acceptance.

There’s only 1 thing…. there are not many things to buy in size 44 EU, 14 US on net-a-porter. But that’s the problem about these high end brands… not larger than a size 40-42 EU, 10-12 US. I think it’s about time to extend…






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