Average size women on the runway?


What if runway models were the size of an average woman?

A lot has been said in recent years about the need for greater diversity on the runway, not just racial diversity, but size diversity. Still, many designers are reluctant to include women larger than a standard runway size 0 to 4. But why? Does it really make that much of a difference? The clothes look gorgeous either way and besides, women of all sizes are beautiful.

A great statement on Cosmopolitan. I am telling already for years. Why are there 15-17 year old models on the runway, no hips, no tits yet? But when they are getting older, these ‘girls’ become women with ‘adult bodies’. I think the age should be at least 18 years and then we have to show diversity in natural sizes. Models in sizes 36 and up. And not only the average size… but a diversity in sizes!

Of course this should be possible. Why not. A designer has the choice to make their sample in every size they want. Couture is a totally different thing than pret-a-porter. Couture is art. You can compare a designer with a painter. A painter wants to work on a plain canvas. No ‘obstacles’ to work with. But pret-a-porter is ready to wear. And all women should wear these clothes. It’s wearable for every day!

I think the runway should be more a reflection of the reality. Of course there will still be an illusion, a dream. An inspiration level. It should be fashion! The better version… of yourself!





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