Back again…


It’s been a while….

After a long time… I am back again! I had technical problems, because my computer was away for reparation. And I must admit, a good excuse to give myself some rest and time to think about what happened lately. The lost of my father. What exactly do I want? What do I want to share with you all. And more…

Salopette, Asos Curve

On instagram you could follow a bit of me and my life and some looks…
And I see there’s a small style change going on. I know the 70s are totally trendy, but I feel the 80s very strong. Even my hair has changed a lot… haha! Probably you have noticed this. I don’t know how it came… I feel very good in style.

Jacket, Junarose and skirt Simplybe

Totally addicted to turtlenecks.

Jacket, Evans and skirt MS mode

Oh… oke… these are typical 70s colors… and I love to wear it my way!

A fitting at Marina Rinaldi… the blue was great

But finally I have chosen the yellow color!

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