REEK perfume celebrates women through scent.


In Oktober was the launch of REEK Perfumes first campaign and I have received this lovely perfume, and this is really my kind of smell. There’s hazelnut extract in it and that’s probably why I love it so much!
Reek has launched this because women are lost to history. REEK. perfume fragrance for women, stands for quality and equality. They are rarely memorialised. In books, in monuments or even on banknotes. Don’t be forgotten: “be a DAMN REBEL BITCH”.
They don’t retouch photographs of their models. Not because it’s trending, not because it’s edgy, but because who needs it? They want to broaden beauty standards for all bitches, fully made up or understated. They celebrate all women, however they want to be perceived. I totally support this, this is exactly where I am standing for: style has no size, time for diversity. Because every woman is beautiful. Every woman in every size, color and age!

It’s great to support this campaign and this perfume. We women, should other women more! Don’t be bad to each other, negative or play this competition all the time. No, support other women, magic will happen! You can buy this vegan and cruelty free perfume for 75 pound at the shop! Perfectly for the holidays.

And this could have been my message to you: Be a DAMN REBEL BITCH!






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