Beautiful words of inbetweenie Georgina Burke!


On Australian Channel Nine Morning show, an interview with gorgeous 23 years old Georgina Burke (with JAG models, NYC). She is THE MODEL for Torrid swimwear.




She was the face for Juna Rose.. and she has the average of Australia: size 16 AU/UK 44 EU and 14 US. She tells about when she was a teenager: “I could’t fit my school uniform. Couldn’t buy what was on trend. I was shopping where your grandmother would shop. Nothing else was available then.”
Great to hear her story, her experiences. And I totally agree… see more diversity! There should be a better reflection of reality in the fashion industry.


Australian is one the first countries who is promoting average size women in media, magazines, etc. Like Robyn Lawley on the Cosmopolitan cover. Georgina: “If women were in magazines in different race, age and size, then people would see it as realistic.” “It’s definitely changing, we only realize that’s ‘normal’. We are on the right track. It’s doesn’t has to be such an amazing thing to see a ‘plus size’ model in there, when it’s just normal.”

More beautiful words of Geo: “I am not worried about sizes, but about my health. That’s what it should be all about.” And I am so proud of models like Georgina and all other ‘ambassadors of the inbetweenies’, because they spread the world you can be beautiful and confident being an average size woman!

“You have to be comfortable in your own skin and embrace what you have.”



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