SLiNK Magazine launches issue 8, ‘THE BEAUTY ISSUE’. SLiNK decided to shoot this seasons trends on models size 8-16. Normally they only work with plus size models (which are inbetweenies). The magazine promotes health and body acceptance at every size and while they still focus on fashion for women size 14+ they wanted to remind our readers that beauty doesn’t equal a size label. Of course NOT! Beauty has no SIZE! I love this concept and I love to see more size diversity in fashion. Well done, Slink!!!! Models like Karmi Pinning (size 40 EU), Philomena Kwao (size 44) from Models 1+ are in these pictures!

The items in this issue: 1. What is Beauty? 2. Does the Media Influence Our Perception of Beauty?
3. Should we use photoshop in fashion editorial? And more!

And some facts:
1. In the UK 4.9 million women wear a size 18+. The plus size clothing market has grown by 47% since 2006 and is one of the only fashion sectors not hit by the economic crisis.
2. They are still only showing straight size models in our biggest glossies. Crash dieting, quick fixes and food fads remain to be key to numerous women’s magazines, promoting unrealistic and unsustainable eating habits.

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