Being an inbetweenie, doesn’t mean I have a disease?!?

Friday I was in a shop, just looking. Not even really searching for clothes. For a fashion addict as I am, it’s not easy to buy nothing! Sometimes just going through the new collection is fine. But there was a left over of the sale. I saw a cute dress. In the dressingroom I found out, the dress stopped at my waist. The designers didn’t create hips in this dress. Now I knew the reason why these cute dresses still were in the shop!

I came out of the dressingroom and gave the dress to a saleslady. After this she went searching for an item which would fit. But I was totally NOT interested. I found another cute blue dress. Perfect shape, so the result was I bought that one!
At the desk the sales lady said to me, with a ‘sad voice’ : ‘… I am soooo happy you did find something…’
OMG…. I told her if I want to I can buy a lot of clothes everyday… so I made a joke out of this.
But many women who are not confidend, will leave the shop with tears in their eyes!
So sale ladies… be careful what you tell your female customers!

I had a lot of fun behind the curtains! Check out this video!

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