Belloya project


With 2 other women, we are the Belloya ambassadors

Belloya is an idea of 3 person, from Belgium and The Netherlands. They have a lot of experience in plus size fashion and they believe in this new concept. A concept, we, customers, can think together with them. We can share our ideas with this brand. Together we can design clothes we would love to have. They will organize style sessions with a group of plus size women and listen to them. It’s me, you and everyone who has their own thoughts and ideas about plus size fashion.


Last week I had a photoshoot for Belloya. I already posted a teaser about this new brand. Together with Mayra and Marianne we are the ambassadors for this new brand. As ambassadors we show that every woman is different. We are 3 totally different women, with different styles and different shapes. As size we are very similar, but we have different body types and other lengths.

Check my backstage video: (check te subtitles)

Mayra, me and Marianne

Beside our different body types, we have a strong own style. And the great thing as ambassador, we can show our style! And during this day, we were not just ‘models’ or bloggers. No, we are strong women with our own point of view when it becomes to fashion and having our own style, being our own brand!

During the day it was not easy… some of the items were not in our size, so we had to wait for them to arrive. And that day was so hot, I was sweating all over… as you can see… I was wearing shorts when we did the head shot. It was also a very long day. Beside the photoshoot, there was also 3 different videos we had to recorded. But together with the girls and the crew, we could do it and I think the result will be amazing!

We will have 3 looks, styled in our own way. I have customized my black blazer in Edith’s style, with buttons and pins. They all have a typical style, geek meets classy, meets Karl! haha… I am very excited to show you the results, but we have to wait a bit! Are you patient enough? I hope I am…

Soon more…

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