The better version of yourself


Yes… The better version of yourself. That’s a message I would love to have everyone know! I think everyone deserves to look like the better version of themselves. And a great haircut, beautiful make up and flattering clothes will already make you look like a better version! That’s the reason there is make up and you can choose a haircut which will be your ‘crown’!

Check out the video:

On Buzzfeed there’s an article about an experiment photoshopping real women into ‘cover models’. The team invited 4 women to participate in a professional photoshoot, then asked a Photoshop expert to make them look like ‘cover models’. And though the end results were conventionally ‘beautiful’ the women who modeled were unnerved by the results. And their reactions to the results were: “This is how I’ve always wanted to see myself. But now that I see it, I’m questioning why I ever wanted to look like that.”

The magazine’s editor Ashley Crouch told The Huffington Post: “the unique features of women, whether crows feet, freckles, or a less-than-rock-hard body, are aspects that contribute to women’s beauty and should be celebrated, not shamed, changed or removed.” And I completely agree… everyone is unique… and so are YOU! Be proud of your own typical things! A gap, freckles, curves, etc… embrace these and be proud!




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