‘Big fat fashion statement’

Last weekend in the LONDON Times, an article about ‘my big fat fashion statement’. Several plus size women (called in this article famous fat bloggers) about themselves, their blog and about the word ‘fat’. Callie Thorpe (size 46-48 EU, 18-50 UK), Marie Denee (size 48-50 EU, 20-22 UK), Bethany Rutter (size 44-46 EU, 16-18 UK), Nicolette Mason (size 50-52 EU, 22-24 UK) and Georgina Horne (size 46 EU, 18 UK).

You really must read the whole article.. an article about the real side of plus size women, who love fashion! The writer is speaking about ‘slightly fat’ and I recognize this as being ‘not fat enough’ for calling women fat like Oprah, Aretha Franklin, Angela Merkel, Nigella Lawson, Kristie Allsopp. This is why I call these women inbetweenies. Not skinny, not fat… just in-between! The writer even mentioned that 2 months ago scientists published a paper, that statistically the ‘slightly fat’ live longer than everybody else. That sounds great… haha!

Maybe the next article will be about fashionista’s who are average size? Women who feel really comfortable, healthy and great in their size. And by the way… I never use the word ‘fat’ and never call myself this… because I am not! “I am just a big girl with in between sizes…”

But what do you think about the word ‘FAT’? Do you use it? Would you call yourself ‘FAT’? Please leave a comment…

Here are some great quotes from the girls…
Callie Thorpe (size 48-50 EU, 18-50 US) about what bigger girls want to wear: “They want to wear what everyone else does”
Bethany Rutter (size 46-48 EU, 16-18 US): “People say you’re not fat, well you’re kind of OK fat. You can buy clothes, you’re just fat enough. The right side of fat”.










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