Bikini proof?


At the moment I am busy prepping a swimwear fashion shoot on an inbetweenie model for a Dutch magazine. And really, every year it’s so NOT easy to find cute bikinis in size 44, 46 or 48. Most of them will come in size 42 EU/12 US, sometimes a size 44 EU/14 US. But then the fit is really small. I’ll show you some nice bikinis. And probably a great fit. My opinion: ‘everyBODY deserves to wear a bikini.’

Asos Curve, Simply Be and Monic F, are selling some nice bikinis in ‘our sizes’. I got this great tip: you can search at size! The question that’s frequently asked by media is: are YOU bikini proof? I always answer: Of course… but there are not many really lovely bikinis out there which are ‘inbe-kini’ (read inbetweenie-bikini) proof… haha!


1. Asos_top 19,- and bottom 17,-
2. SimplyBe top 18,95 and bottom 14,-
3. SimplyBe top 18,95 and bottom 14,-

When you see photos of models and celebrities in bikinis,
remember: they were airbrushed and photoshopped, just like Britney Spears:


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