Bikini sale score!



This week River Island started their sale. And I couldn’t resist to shop some items there! I ordered 2 bikinis from the plus collection, which I already loved, but these sale prices are amazing! 2 totally different styles. The green is a military style, halter top and mid rise bottom. I always wear a size bigger in swimwear. I wear a size 24 UK bottom, 22 was also okay… but I prefer loose fit. And the top is a size 20 UK. Which is perfectly!

River Island Sale



The animal print is more a glamour style bikini. I ordered the top a size larger than the green one, its a size 22 UK. I think 20 should have been better.. of the cups were the same size. The bottom is the same shape as the green one. Also a mid rise, size 24 UK. This bikini is more a glamour bikini, laying down and just cooling down a bit in the water. Not really swimming-proof.



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