Birthday of my favourite designer Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel born 25 May 1930, Paris, France is a French fashion designer.
Sonia Rykiel created her first maternity dresses and tiny sweater. The sweater is her symbol and she was crowned “Queen of Knits” by the Americans in 1967. She later became the first designer to put seams on the outside of a garment, and to print words on her sweaters. In particular, she favours long clinging sweaters or small cropped pullovers, large rolled-back cuffs and long shawls. Her colours are usually beige, grey, dark blue and charcoal.
In 1980 she was voted one of the world’s 10 most elegant women.
Sonia and her daughter Nathalie have decided to bring Paris to New York. In February 2005 Henri Bendel launched an in-store shop for the Sonia Rykiel Woman line. It will almost certainly be as successful as in France. There are three Sonia Rykiel boutiques in the U.S. and they are in Boston, New York and Guam.

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