‘blog your dreams’


After a short trip to Poland, I am back again…. sorry for not posting nice articles.. but soon more about this trip! Yesterday I visited the shop Berschka, totally not my size… but I discovered this cute bag: ‘blog your dreams’. And that’s exactly what I am doing lately. Making a dream come true by writing articles and creating shoppings to wake up the fashion industry. I am not the only woman in this size… no, there are many, many women out there!

From Holland to Indonesia and from Russia to Brasil! And for these women, I can be ‘the voice’. And I will be a positive voice! This website is more than just a blog, it’s more a combination of a magazine and blog. Maybe I should call it MAGA-blog. And I hope to inspire you more and more… and I even have more great news… I am already counting down! Can’t wait to tell you!

I got this great compliment from Belen Garcia Corral: ‘For me you are like Vogue XL!’


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