Blogger, influencer Ju Romano on the cover!


On the cover of Elle Brazil….

Blogger Ju Romano of the blog ‘Entre Topetes e Vinis’ on the cover of Elle Brazil! Not many clothes she is wearing. And they tell it’s not photoshopped. It’s great to show a plus size woman on a cover and specially on Elle! What even is more interesting that she is a blogger. No artist, no celeb, no model… but a blogger, an influencer and inspirator! And I think that’s amazing!

BUT…. there’s one negative thing…. why… always NAKED??? Always when they show a ‘curvy’ woman on the cover… there must be a statement and show her almost naked. A lot of skin. straight size bloggers, models. actrices or other artist are dressed in the top designers clothes. Would love to see women on the cover with a size larger than 40 EU also dressed fashionable and stylish! Next time… maybe Elle NL want me on the cover? haha… and no… NOT NAKED!



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