Body positive movement!


“You are more than being ‘fat’, you are a personality!”


Stop online fat shaming!
Yesterday on Dutch ‘NOS op 3’ tv program, they showed an item about ‘fat shaming’. In the article they say that Facebook is fat shaming. The add with Tess Holiday was taken off the page.


Mayra Louise de Wilde was interviewed about this subject, she gets sometimes fat shaming and body shaming on her instagram. She says:
“It should be no big deal when I am wearing a bikini in size 48 EU!”
And no… in real people don’t tell you, that you are fat and have to do some sport and eat more vegetables! But online everything is probably everything allowed?

Mayra: “You are not your fat. You are an human being, it’s your body. You are more than being ‘fat’, you are a personality!”

Great statement… and I am also working a long time on body positive size acceptance, etc. It’s a movement and slowly it’s getting normal. At least… that’s what we hope to achieve! And that’s how it should be! Respect for everyBODY… in every size, color and age! Stop body shaming now! Think twice, when you see a picture on instagram, Facebook or other social media. Give yourself time to think and decide to be positive!

Photos by Iris Larisa:


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