Fashion TV: Bye bye ‘love handles’


No more spending hours on shaping your body at the gym


This time I will show you what shape wear does. In the video I am wearing jeans, with and without shape wear. Check if you can see the difference! At least I feel the difference. I wear a jeans, which is a size too small, it went on more easy with shape wear. Without was a torture.

Check my favorite of Absolutely Fabulous, wearing the ‘control body’

I want to show you, you don’t have to wear tight clothes, and see ‘love handles’ or other fat. When the clothes are tight, wear shape wear. A top, body or bottoms or even a dress. It depends on the garments you are wearing. I keep saying: clothes should make you look better, not worse. “If it doesn’t fit, it’s ugly anyway.” And shape wear is a great help for that. I am absolutely proud of my shape, my body! I feel more comfy wearing shape wear sometimes. Most of the time I wear loose fit clothes… I feel better and it’s more my style.

In the video I show you shape wear from MAGIC body fashion (size XL), Spanx (size XXL), Triumph (size XL), Primadonna Twister (size 46 EU). These are all great quality. Also my experience with these brands are really working well for me.

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Check my video, here: (click on the subtitles for English)

You can wear Bandelettes, if you don’t want to wear shorts or legging under your skirt/dress.


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