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Inbetweenie model Myla Dalbesio the reason for a size discussion!

Calvin Klein did a great job by choosing a size 8 US, size 38 EU, model. The campaign was shot by Lachlan Bailey. FInally this size has been showed in the ‘straight size’ fashion, without mentioning it. But probably it’s so special, the whole world is talking about this. And there is another size discussion!

The 27-year-old Myla Dalbesio “I am among one of many girls that are, like, ‘in-betweens.’So we’re not skinny enough to be straight-size these size 0, size 2 girls — and we’re not large enough to be considered for plus-size.”

WOOOOOW! Thanks Myla for mentioning the word inbetweenies!!!! oh yeah!! Inbetweenies are ‘just’ the average size women.

The Cut mentioned inbetweenies:
Myla Dalbesio_The_Cut_inbetweenies

Booking an underwear campaign for such an iconic brand would be a coup for any model. But it’s especially notable for Dalbesio, who, at a size 10, is what the fashion industry would—still, surprisingly—call ‘plus size’. All models between size 36 and size 44 EU, 6-14 US are typically considered plus size.

Elle mentioned also in-between:
Myla Dalbesio_Elle_inbetween_sizes

Myla Dalbesio: “I’m in the middle. I’m not skinny enough to be with the skinny girls and I’m not large enough to be with the large girls and I haven’t been able to find my place. This campaign was such a great feeling. I don’t know about that runway though, that’s going to be a hard one to tackle.”

Myla Dalbesio_calcinKlein_inbetweenie1

From Myla Dalbesio:
“I love that after working in the fashion industry for nine years, I have finally found my place, right in the middle. Neither plus, nor straight size, I love that I can be recognized for what I am, a healthy size 10.”

“I love that as the conversation on the internet explodes and brings greater awareness, I am receiving emails from 15 year-old girls, telling me that I have given them hope and that sharing my story has made them feel less freakish, less weird, and that they can accept their size 8 or 10 frame.”

“I love that I get to be a part of this conversation, about size and body image and that I get to represent a brand like Calvin Klein. They didn’t introduce this campaign for shock value, they simply included what some would refer to as a “normal size” girl” in their advertising, right next to other girls of varying sizes and shapes.

Myla Dalbesio_calcinKlein_inbetweenie3

The What’s Underneath Project

Listen… I am saying this for years now. I keep repeat this,over and over. It’s time that sizes 40, 42 EU/10-12 US, will be showed next to sizes 34-36 EU, 2-4 US. Because then we get this ‘reflection of sizes of the reality’. And this will be in magazines, campaigns for brands and on the runway.

And when this diversity will been seen, is a question. We must be patient, till Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour or another fashion influencer starts to show size diversity and tell the world that’s ‘normal’.

Myla Dalbesio_calcinKlein_inbetweenie2

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