Caro’s stylist!

Inbetweenie Caro Emerald, our Dutch proud is singer and I love her looks!

Styletoday interviewed Renske Cramer, the stylist of Caro Emerald, about shopping for Caro and the singer’s style + the best style- and shoppingtips for curvy ladies.
Caro Emerald isn’t just a fantastisc singer, she also always looks stylishly curved. So it’s not strange that the singer was elected best dressed Dutch celebrity by Styletoday’s curves enquête. Not only a compliment for Caro herself, but also for her stylist Renske Cramer. It’s about time to unravel all the style- and shoppingsecrets!

So how does that work: shopping for a famous person? Do you delve into the stores immediately, or do you sit together to make up a shopping plan?
“Before I go shopping, Caro and I have made a plan. Her own ideas and taste are very important to me you see. Together we look at what kind of shows are coming up and what we want to do stylewise. It really is a team effort.”

How would you describe Caro’s style?
“Groomed, stylish and most of all feminine. Her albums are inspired by music from the 40’s and 50’s. I take that into account stylewise, but always with a twist and keeping in mind the current fashion trends.”

What other things do you have to look out for while shopping for Caro?
“First and foremost, Caro is a singer. Her clothes need to look good. We consciously set up a certain direction while doing that. But it’s also very important that it’s comfortable, not too tight, because it can’t restrain her while she’s singing.
It’s also important to know what kind of show Caro has. Is it inside or outdoors? Is it a couple of song or a fullblown concert? If it’s outside, I have to consider that it might be windy. We also often change clothes during a show and those need to go as smoothly as possible. So besides having a good eye you also need to empathize and look ahead.”

Are there items Caro doesn’t want you to bring to the table?
“Thankfully Caro isn’t difficult to work with. I can show her anything. Sometimes she’ll need a bit of time and she’ll need to get used to it. What I like about Caro is that she’s bold. She isn’t afraid to wear color and doesn’t always go for something safe, like black. Be bold, that’s the advice I would want to give all the curved ladies. Dare to show yourself. What is really important though is decent underwear. Shape your body! It can make all the difference in the world.”

What is an absolute musthave in a curved lady’s wardrobe?
“Make sure you have a decent bra and some good magic knickers or a good body. That’s the basis. You can already pull off more. Also never go shopping without wearing the underwear you’ll be wearing underneath. Know your own body!”

What is some other advice you would like to offer to curved ladies?
“Curved women tend to cover up everything. There can be more shape in clothes besides the eternal A-line or layered look. Go to a specialized store and get some good advice. And if you’re shopping for an evening dress, bring some heels. Don’t go fitting with your UGG’s. Also very important: don’t be afraid to try on stuff! Even in a smaller size. Sometimes it falls a bit bigger.”
“Keep in mind though that it’s not just the clothes, but the total picture! Curved ladies generally have a very beautiful face with no wrinkles. My advice would be: get some good advice for your make-up. Very important! You can get small make-over pretty much anywhere these days. And by that I don’t mean that you whole face needs to covered in foundation, but more some nice make up on your eyes or a pretty shade lipstick and nicely manicured nails.”

And now Renske’s shoptips. Where do you need to go for beautiful curved clothes à la Caro?
*Check out the highstreet secondhand stores in your neighbourhood or in the bigger cites. You can find beautiful clothes there of the more expensive brands, for a good price. Or get your clothing altered or made for you.
*Look for english labels. They often carry larger sizes and are more elegant and feminine in their cut than other labels. They are readily available online. Think Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Fenn Wright Manson and of course Asos.
*Another great place to score is River Islands. But the fashion there is very trendsensitive and fairly young. For the more mature woman with a bigger budget or for a special occasion, I can really recommend Marina Rinaldi. (Interview by Richt Kooistra)

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